About John Adameitis

Born in Germany, 1947. Retired as a practicing architect to paint full time. Exhibiting member of the Royal Art Society of NSW and the Australian Society of Marine Artists. Like many has been drawing and painting from early childhood. Has worked in most mediums but now predominately engaged in oils across all genres.

Believes life is primarily a visual experience and feels compelled to capture the GGMs (God Given Moments) and hopefully engage the viewer in same. At this stage is preoccupied with the 'Real' on a sensory and emotional level rather than the abstract. . . . is quite happy with the world as it is.

Early art training at UNSW included tuition from the likes of Francis Lymburner, Lorna Nimmo (hence strong grounding in watercolour), John Olson, Rod Milgate and George Molnar while Lloyd Rees was to be had at the ‘other place’.


Has a strong interest in maritime subjects having spent much of the past 40 years ' messing about in boats '........ "A critical appreciation for fine lines and a nicely cut main, ultimately gets under one’s skin and is a source of constant allure. There is also a certain specificity to maritime subjects that leans towards realism rather than abstraction. This gels with my own development in architectural work - where sound draftsmanship and an ability to illustrate specifics was fundamental."